Digging Deep

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Digging Deep

Postby jockstrap » Thu Mar 30, 2006 6:23 am

What does your garden say about you?
Does it reflect what’s going on in your life personally?
Do you feel that you and your garden are both ready to turn over a new leaf?

BBC 2 is looking for passionate, outgoing, energetic people to take part in an exciting new gardening series. If you have an emotional story connected to your garden and are willing to share it, let us dig deep to transform your garden to reflect your changing needs and allow your true potential to blossom as well.

So if your garden feels empty because the kids have flown the nest, or you’re a control freak who needs to loosen the reins on the roses, or you and your garden are just simply out of control then we want to hear from.

phone: 020 7861 8477
email: diggingdeep@talkbackthames.tv

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