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11 March, 2006 by The_Boss

Sunday 12 March on BBC ONE at 8pm.

Alistair McGowan stars as the wise-cracking, brilliant detective Gil Mayo in a brand-new series for BBC One.

Mayo is a master of crime-solving and a man obsessed with figuring things out, whether it’s how gadgets work or who committed the latest murder on his patch.

In this opening episode, Detective Inspector Gil Mayo investigates the murder of Simon Johnston, a young “trustafarian” being treated for cocaine addiction at the exclusive Rossi Rehabilitation Clinic.

Included in the list of suspects is Simon’s girlfriend – feisty glamour model Roma Sheraton – and the slippery founder of the rehab clinic, Dr Rossi, who is also the beneficiary of Simon’s vast fortune.

But Mayo and the other two members of his close-knit crime team – cocky junior officer Detective Constable Martin Kite and nerdy scene of crime officer Harriet “Anorak” Tate – are somewhat distracted by the imminent arrival of Mayo’s new Detective Sergeant.

None of them has met her before.Will she be smart? Will she fit in? And, most importantly for Kite, will she be fit? When the new DS arrives, however, it soon becomes clear that she is someone Mayo has met before – in fact, she’s none other than his ex-girlfriend and first true love, Alex Jones.

Mayo and Alex pick up right where they left off years ago, bickering about everything under the sun. But any unfinished business between them will have to wait; they’ve got a murder to solve and the team must put their heads together to crack an increasingly complicated case.

Alistair McGowan is DI Gil Mayo, Jessica Oyelowo is DS Alex Jones, Loo Brealy is Harriet “Anorak” Tate, Huw Rhys is DC Martin Kite, Margo Stilley is Roma Sheraton, Ben Willbond is Simon Johnston and Paterson Joseph is Dr Rossi.




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